iNRCORE Announces Acquisition of Vanguard Electronics

On June 6, 2022, iNRCORE announced the acquisition of Vanguard Electronics a manufacturer of both catalogue and custom high reliability magnetics for the most demanding applications in the defense, aerospace, space and medical industries. Read more here.

A 'Brand' New Addition


iNRCORE acquires Bicron Electronics Company, a premier manufacturer of corona-free transformers, solenoids, and current sensing transformers. Bicron is the first of iNRCORE's planned new family of brands, and the acquisition adds depth to iNRCORE's Current Sense Transformers, increased custom design capabilities, and solenoids to our existing product lines.

The Future: iNRCORE


PulseR rebrands as iNRCORE. “This year, we determined that the next step in our evolution is to invest in our brand and align it with the exciting growth we have planned for our business.” – Sarah Harris, President & CEO (2020)

New Ownership

The Jordan Company (Chicago, IL) acquires majority stake of PulseR, with a renewed commitment to fund and expand the business.

Facility Upgrades

PulseR moves to new, larger, state-of-the-art facilities in the US and Asia. Both facilities certified to AS9100D, and include expanded in-house qualification testing capabilities and automated production lines.

A Stand-Alone Businss

As parent company Pulse Electronics is acquired by Yageo, the Military & Aerospace division becomes a stand-alone, incorporated business: “PulseR, LLC"

Designed Into the Future

Pulse Electronics is designed into the Orion Spacecraft, providing all of its data lines through the signature Copperhead Transceiver product line.

End of an Era

Technitrol and Pulse announces name change to Pulse Electronics. “Pulse Electronics Corporation reflects our focus as a pure-play electronic components provider.” – Interim President Drew Moyer.

Taking Flight!

Pulse secures major design wins on the Airbus A350 and Boeing 787 aircrafts.

AS9100 Certificate


Pulse secures its AS9100 certification.

The F-35 Design Win


Pulse is selected to provide more than 350 components per aircraft on the F-35 platform (NOTE: this number is now 410 components per aircraft in 2020)

Growing the Business


Over the next decade, Pulse would complete 10 acquisitions , including the acquisition of EWC, Inc., which doubled the size of Mil-Aero Division and added a “Power Products” line.

A Model of Efficiency


All Pulse facilities are receive their ISO 9000 registration.

Finger on the Pulse

Technitrol purchases Pulse Engineering and merges with Fil-Mag to form “Pulse”.

International Expansion

Pulse Engineering opens its first manufacturing facility in Asia.

The Beginning: Technitrol <br>


Technitrol is founded in Philadelphia, PA in 1947. The business was one of the 1st suppliers qualified to produce components that support high-reliability applications.