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iNRCORE Announces Acquisition of Vanguard Electronics

iNRCORE, LLC, a premier Family of Brands supplying high reliability magnetics and other components to power the world’s next-generation systems, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Vanguard Electronics, a manufacturer of both catalogue and custom high reliability magnetics for the most demanding applications in the defense, aerospace, space and medical industries.

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iNRCORE Merges With Gowanda Components Group

iNRCORE, LLC announced a transformative partnership with the acquisition of Gowanda Components Group (“GCG”). Gowanda Components Group is a US-based designer & manufacturer of high-performance electronic components for high-reliability applications such as: medical devices, test & measurement, rail & communications infrastructure in addition to aerospace & defense. GCG is supported by several individual business units (Gowanda Electronics, DYCO Electronics, TTE Filters, RCD Components, other legacy brands) which will be added to iNRCORE’s growing portfolio.

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iNRCORE Congratulates NASA and the University of Arizona

On October 21st, 2020 the NASA OSIRIS-REx spacecraft ‘tagged’ an asteroid (‘Bennu’) over 200
million miles from Earth and collected a sample of material for testing and examination – a first for the United States. iNRCORE congratulates the teams at both NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the University of Arizona for a successful milestone in what has been a historic, multi-year mission.

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iNRCORE Proudly Welcomes Bicron Electronics

iNRCORE, a premier supplier of high reliability products including magnetics and other electronic components, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Bicron® Electronics Company, a leading provider of corona-free transformers, solenoids, and current sensing transformers supporting industries such as: smart grid power distribution, alternate energy, transportation, medical, military/aerospace, and other

Product Release

New from iNRCORE Industrial-Grade Magnetics

iNRCORE is excited to announce the newest addition to our growing product lineup: industrial-grade magnetic components. With ISO-9001 qualified production, lead-free options, and competitive pricing, iNRCORE is prepared to deliver the final solution to your high-performance application.

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Introducing iNRCORE

Effective today, July 1st, 2020, PulseR, LLC will now be doing business as iNRCORE, LLC. This is the next step in the evolution of our standalone business and will help shape our growth strategy going forward. The company will continue to operate in its current structure: your contacts will remain unchanged, our addresses remain the same, and there is no change to our cage code.

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PulseR Congratulates SpaceX on Historic Mission

(Bristol, PA, USA) – On May 31st, 2020, a SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft successfully docked with the International Space Station after launching from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, altering the course of commercial spaceflight forever. Aboard the Crew Dragon were NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley, marking the first time

Press Release

PulseR to Exhibit at APEC 2020 in New Orleans

PulseR, LLC is proud to announce that it will be exhibiting at the 35th annual Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC) in New Orleans, LA. From March 15th – 19th, representatives from PulseR’s North American Sales and Engineering teams will join over 6,000 power electronic professionals from around the world to demonstrate a broad range of topics in the use, design, manufacturing and marketing of power electronics equipment.

Product Release

PulseR Releases Family of Digial Video Baluns and Isolation Transformers

PulseR introduces a new line of high-speed digital video baluns and isolation transformers for use at data rates from 1.485 Gbps to 3 Gbps transmitted over copper media. These components interface 50Ω & 75Ω single-ended to 100Ω & 150Ω differential cables. These parts are fully encapsulated, are available in extended temperature range of -55ºC to +125ºC, and will meet the environment qualification requirements defined in MIL-PRF-21038.


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