NEW Copperhead Transceiver Module Whitepaper


Providing high-reliability magnetic components to defense industry for over 70 years.


iNRCORE has dedicated resources to support MIL-STD-981 (space-grade) component manufacturing requirements.


Providing specialized solutions for medical equipment, high-speed transportation, down-hole energy exploration, etc.


Providing a complete product line of magnetics solutions to support avionics suppliers.

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iNRCORE has an extensive line of passive magnetic components.
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NEW Single Chanel BMS Transformer from iNRCORE - RA1055NL

BMS Transformers

The BMS transformers provide safety isolation and EMI noise suppression. They support serial daisy chain, isoSPI, SPI, and other applications. The transformers have an operating temperature of -40° to more than +125° Celsius and functional, basic and reinforced insulation are available.

Rugged to the Core.

iNRCORE designs and manufactures magnetic components that transmit high-speed, mission-critical signal and power in the harshest operating conditions. Our solutions have operated on the frontlines of defense to the frontiers of space exploration. For over 70 years, iNRCORE has deployed reliable and intelligent solutions to power next-generation systems.

Our expert engineering teams and award-winning quality and service exceed our customer demanding expectations. Whether we are working to assemble a component to meet your custom design or screening your products to qualify for a critical mission, iNRCORE’s solutions are Rugged to the Core.

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