Testing Services

Space Services / Testing / Validation

iNRCORE provides testing capabilities for product qualification and design validation.

MIL-PRF-27 Power MagneticsMIL-STD-202 Qualification Test Methods
MIL-PRF-21038 Pulse TransformersNASA EEE-INST-002 Screening
MIL-PRF-83531 Passive Delay LinesMIL-STD-883 Screening
MIL-PRF-83532 Active Delay LinesISO 9001:2008 / AS9100C Quality System
MIL-STD-981 Space Workmanship & DesignAFDX
IPC J-STD-001 / DC Solder / Workmanship CertificationsARINC 664
NASA STD 8738.3 Solder / Workmanship CertificationsIEEE 802.3
ECSS-Q-ST-70-38C Solder / Workmanship Certification 


Inductance with or without DCDistortionSRF (up to 3 GHz)
Turns RatioThermal RiseLeakage Inductance
Hi-Pot – Vac up to 5kV, Vdc up to 6kVImpedanceVoltage Ratio
Insulation ResistanceQ (up to 1 MHz) 
Insertion LossDCR 


Mechanical ShockMechanical VibrationSolderability
Resistance to Soldering HeatHigh Temperature Operating Life (HTOL)Thermal Shock
Thermal Cycling  


Tin Whisker & Tin Pest AnalysisHumidity (to 90% RH)Moisture Resistance
High/Low Temperature StorageSteam Aging 


X-RayReal Time X-RayPlating Composition Analysis
Detailed Inspection PlansFirst Article Inspection to AS9102 

Supplier Quality Requirements

iNRCORE, LLC is headquartered in Bristol, PA where we serve you with Sales, Product Development, Engineering, Marketing, Quality, Procurement and Manufacturing (ITAR/Non-ITAR) as well as Environmental Testing Services, Prototype Lab and Customer Service.