iNRCORE has dedicated resources to support MIL-STD-981 (space-grade) component manufacturing requirements.

Our team has produced and delivered products used on a variety of manned and un-manned space programs, including: the Orion space capsule, International Space Station (ISS), James Web telescope, Advanced Composition Explorer (ACE) NASA program, and more.

iNRCORE’s space-grade manufacturing uses lead (Pb) solder systems to manufacture space-grade products combined with in-house X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) inspection capability to verify product compliance and mitigate risk of tin-whiskers growth.

iNRCORE has the capability to prepare test plans and design custom test fixtures to support required screening and qualification activities. Screening activities includes iNRCORE catalog parts inspection to NASA EEE-INST-002 requirements.

Capabilities also include on-site real-time X-Ray inspection to support product acceptance and failure analysis. Our team includes a resident J-STD-001 Space addendum certified trainer and certified inspector to NASA STD 8738.3 solder workmanship.

Available Testing Services

iNRCORE has an extensive list of available testing services to better serve our customers.

Space Program Participation

Space Station

10 / 100 Ethernet Modules
Copperhead Transformer

ORION Space Craft

Transceiver Module
Common Mode Choke
10/100 Ethernet Module

Commercial Space

Common Mode Chokes
10/100/1000 Ethernet Modules


Delay Lines

GPS Block 3 Satellite

Custom Power Transformer
10/100 Ethernet Module

James Webb

MIL-STD-1553 Transformers


Custom Transformers


Custom Transformers


10/100 Ethernet Modules


10/100 Ethernet Modules

Cygnus Space Craft

1000 Ethernet Modules

Europa Clipper

Custom Transformers
Common Mode Chokes


Custom Transformers

Nancy Grace Roman

Shielded Drum Core Inductors


Acceleration Probe

Deep Space Satellites

Engine Controller

GPS Receiver

Geosynchronous Satellites

Interstellar Mapping

Low Earth Orbit Satellites

Launch Vehicles

Manned Space Craft

Master Data Management System

Micro/Pico/Cube Satellites Short Live >10kg

Power Distribution Unit

Smart Mass Memory Card

Vehicle Management Computer

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