SMT Current Sense Transformer

For Tape & Reel packaging, add “T” suffix at the end of the part number: i.e. PL2264NLT.

Note: not all products have a Tape and Reel option. Please check datasheet for availability.

Weight 0.34 g
Dimensions 8.38 × 7.21 × 5.5 mm


Construction Type

SMT Toroid

Turns Ratio


DCR MAX (mΩ) Primary


DCR MAX (mΩ) Secondary


Rated Current (A)


Secondary Inductance (mH)


HiPot (VRMS)


Frequency Range (MHz)

50kHz – 1MHz

Operating Temperature

-55°C to +130°C

Storage Temperature

-55°C to +130°C





RoHS Compliant


Qualified Products List


  1. The temperature of the component (ambient temperature plus temperature rise) must be within the specified operating temperature range.
  2. The maximum current rating is based upon temperature rise of the component and represents the DC current which will cause a typical temperature rise of 40°C with no airflow when both one turn windings connected in parallel.
  3. To calculate the value of the terminating resistor (Rt) use the following formula: RT (Ω) = Vref * N / (Ipeak_primary).
  4. The peak flux density of the device must remain below 2000 Gauss. To calculate the peak flux density for uni-polar current use following formula:

    BPK = 37.59 * (Duty_Cycle_Max) * 105 / (N * Freq_kHz)

    * for bi-polar current applications divide BPK (as calculated above) by 2.

  5. Optional Tape & Reel packaging can be ordered by adding a “T” suffix to the part number (i.e. PL2264 becomes PL2264T).
  6. The “NL” suffix indicates an RoHS-compliant part number. Non-NL suffixed parts are not necessarily RoHS compliant, but are electrically and mechanically equivalent to NL versions.

    If a part number does not have the “NL” suffix, but an RoHS compliant version is required, please contact iNRCORE for availability.

  7. This part is limited by core dissipation. The core can be run at 2000 gauss bipolar at frequencies up to 300 kHz, after 300 kHz the flux density recommended limits are as follows: 400kHz-1200 gausses, 500kHz-1000 gausses, 750kHz- 900 gausses, 1 MHz-800 gausses. Bmax can be doubled for unipolar applications, as delta B is halved.

Data/Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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