SMT Power Inductor

For Tape & Reel packaging, add “T” suffix at the end of the part number: i.e. PL2058NLT.

Note: not all products have a Tape and Reel option. Please check datasheet for availability.

Dimensions 22.23 × 19.05 × 12.2 mm


Construction Type

SMT Toroid

DCR (mohms)


Heating Current (A)


Inductance (µH)


Saturation Current TYP (A)

15, 16

Core Loss Factor


Rated Current (A)


Moisture Sensitivity Level


Operating Temperature

-55°C to +130°C


Tin/Lead (Sn63/Pb37)



RoHS Compliant


Height (mm)


  1. The rated current as listed is either the saturation current or the heating current depending on which value is lower.
  2. The saturation current is the typical current which causes the inductance to drop by 20% at the stated ambient temperatures (25°C and 100°C). This current is determined by placing the component in the specified ambient environment and applying a short duration pulse current (to eliminate self-heating effects) to the component.
  3. The heating current is the DC current which causes the part temperature to increase by approximately 40°C.
  4. In high volt*time applications, additional heating in the component core losses in the inductor which may necessitate derating the current in order to limit the temperature rise of the component. To determine the approximate total losses (or temperature rise) for a given application, the core loss and temperature rise formula can be used:
    ΔB (Gauss) = K2 * ΔI
    Core Loss (W) = 1.5E-13 * (Freq_kHz) 1.63 * ΔB2.62
  5. The temperature of the component (ambient plus temperature rise) must be within the stated operating temperature range.
  6. RoHS compliant version available (add suffix NL to the part number).

Data/Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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