High Frequency Balun Adapter Guide


The Specialty Components Division has developed a high frequency balun for test and measurement applications. Wide bandwidth and high frequency response makes this device ideal for differential mode measurement in high speed applications such as Fibre Channel, Gigabit Ethernet and next generation MIL-STD-1553. The Balun allows design engineers to characterize differential mode devices using single-ended test equipment as shown below.

Typical Return Loss - S11

50 ohm Unbalanced Port

Typical Return Loss - S21

Two Baluns Configured Back to Back

Insertion Loss S21 is measured with two (2) units connected back to back as shown.

Note 1: Correct value of S21 for each DUT with be half (1/2) of the value shown in the graph.
Note 2: Return loss S11 is measured on 50 ohm port with 150 ohms termination on balance port.

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