iNRCORE Celebrates Completion of Artemis I Orion Spacecraft

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iNRCORE Congratulates NASA and Lockheed Martin

NASA announced that Lockheed Martin’s Artemis I Orion spacecraft had completed assembly and passed all required testing for the anticipated Artemis I mission slated for 2021. The spacecraft was then transferred into possession of NASA’s Exploration Ground Systems (EGS) team at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. After final fueling and preparation, the Orion spacecraft will then be moved to NASA’s Vehicle Assembly Facility for final attachment to the SLS booster rocket in preparation for the Artemis I mission which will send the un-crewed Orion Capsule around the Moon and return to Earth. The goal of the Artemis I is to certify the spacecraft for human spaceflight. This would clear the way for the crewed Artemis II mission, landing the first woman and next man on the Moon by 2024.

iNRCORE, LLC is a proud supplier to NASA’s Artemis program, providing signal and power magnetic components utilized on the Orion Spacecraft (Crew Module). These iNRCORE products support 18 mission critical systems produced by Lockheed Space, Honeywell Space Systems , Moog Space and Defense, SEAKR Engineering, Collins Aerospace, Ball Aerospace and others. iNRCORE is proud of our partners’ continued innovation, and we congratulate both NASA and Lockheed Martin on reaching a historic milestone in the quest for lunar discovery.

Orion Spacecraft Capsule for Artemis I
(Credit: Lockheed Martin)
iNRCORE supports the Artemis missions with Rugged Ethernet Transformers, Gate Drive Power Transformers, and Fibre Channel Transceiver Modules

For more than 70 years, iNRCORE has designed and manufactured magnetic components that transmit high-speed, mission-critical signals and power in the harshest operating conditions. Designed to the tightest specifications and to military standards, iNRCORE components have operated on the frontlines of defense to the frontiers of space exploration. The iNRCORE Family of Brands include Vanguard Electronics, Gowanda Electronics, DYCO Electronics, HiSonic, TTE Filters, RCD Components, and Bicron Electronics. iNRCORE is ITAR registered and certified to AS9100 and ISO 9001 quality standards.

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